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Springboro, PA 16435
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CD/DVD Duplication and Replication Internal capacity of up to 180 CD's duplicated per hour with 6-color, photo inkjet printing.
Video Compression Optimized video compression for web, CD-ROM, or DVD Video delivery.
CD-ROM Programming Interactive CD-ROM's with custom menu interfaces, complex simulations, programmatic product selection, and web integration.
DVD Programming Custom Interfaces to DVD video content.
Animation 2-D and 3-D animation for special effects and product simulation. Character animation is not offered by Video Graphics.
Web Applications Complete web applications from e-commerce with real-time credit card processing to specialized training to complete web enabled business management. Save money, increase your capabilities, and improve your capacity with optimized web application services from Video Graphics. Applications can be designed from scratch or customized from existing e-Commerce or Content Management Systems.
Desktop Applications Windows or Mac based applications for custom needs.
Web Hosting Fully managed hosting services featuring unlimited e-mail accounts, web mail, detailed web traffic analysis, advanced spam blocking, secure hosting, database hosting, hourly & daily backups, and real-time database replication.
Search Engine Optimization Get a leg up on the competition by designing your site with search engine rankings in mind. Improve your rankings on specific keywords when content is limited through doorway and hallway pages, and reciprocal linking. Get detailed reporting and tracking of search engine results.
Consulting Looking for help maintaining your own servers? Trying to find someone with experience across multiple platforms? Need help configuring or selecting your workstation or server equipment? A little bit of Video Graphics' experience can go a long way to solving your most complex problems. We also know when to say no, so if our experience doesn't meet your needs, we'll let you know upfront.
Web Design Video Graphics will create or match a design as part of a larger web application. If you're looking for simple web page design, we may refer you to another business. Although we have advanced web design capabilities, our time is limited and our interests are more in the higher end web applications.
Featured Sites
Miller Fall Protection is a multi-user site driven by a content management system. It features seach engine friendly page names, a smooth heirarchial menu system, and support for mulitple languages. Visual features include a front page slideshow, lightbox photos, tabbed content, photo reflections, and Google videos.

Original Search Engine Optization work on the original site increase visitors by 50%. The site redesign futher increase the visitors by 50%, increase the average number of pages viewed by 600%, and increase the site generated leads by over 30 times the previous site.
Bee Happy Quilting E-commerce site with real-time credit card processing and a full content management system with search engine friendly page names.
Discover Presque Isle is a multi-user site driven by a content management system. It features current information about Presque Isle State Park, the Tom Ridge Environmental Center (TREC), and the Big Green Screen theater at TREC. This site has many deep features like multiple newsletters, an events calendar, Google maps, news flashes with RSS feeds, polls, and a photo gallery. The content is constantly changing and is controlled and updated by the Presque Isle Partnership.
Drumheller Creative is driven by a customized content management system. It is tailored to organizing video content and includes private areas for customer approvals.
ROGERS® Trailers This database driven site has advanced search capabilities and simplified content management.
John Crane Pricebook Secure price book distribution site with encrypted, password proteted price lists that are watermarked with the authorized user's information. The price books automatically expire.
Greener Pastures Vets E-commerce site with real-time credit card processing and customized shopping system to accommodate prescription orders.
Nuvo Surgical Advanced menu system and script based graphic formatting.
RJH Trading Pre-sales site for real-time futures day trading training.
Crystal Environmental Sales site for products and services related to solid-liquids separation.
Crystal Run Person web site with photo gallery.
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